Prepare to be amazed by our solution that takes shopping to a whole new level. Discover a better way to shop!



The WOW effect

In our line of work, standards are set by the industry leaders, those among the first who embrace the new technologies and the new ways people interact with applications. The 'trendsetters' are valued and respected for their innovative thinking. They move the industry forward.

It was innovation we had in mind when making this app. We combined elegant colors with minimalist typography. We crafted subtle and smooth animations, having in mind, above all, the ease of use. With all this, we managed to create the shopping experience that will set you apart from the competition.

Monetization Opportunities

Start getting your return on investment (ROI) right away. Make money by delivering value to your clients through our new advertising platform. They will be able to connect with their customers through interactive campaigns, promotions, branded games or personal shopping assistants. Also, for every customization your clients make, you can earn extra money through our partner affiliate model.

Customer Value Creation

The shopping just got a whole new dimension. Customers can now interact with a big touchscreen display in the store to find the product or the department they need. They can browse the items based on their color, price, brand or some other attribute. They can look at the interactive map of the whole venue and browse all the floors and individual stores in a virtual environment in order to find the product or the brand they require.


Everyday business of a retailer is dynamic. Clients change, products change, prices change… We had that in mind when we planned a system that can easily be administered from a user friendly CMS with no programming knowledge needed.

If you have any special requests that would make the solution more personalized for you, we are able to adapt and localize it to suit your needs.



Creating a high end product is always both challenging and rewarding. I was extremely pleased with the team effort involved in the process. Everyone gave their utmost best which resulted in an incredible end product.

Airport App

Make a lasting impression with the next generation interactive wayfinding platform.


Eighth & Main

Dual display touch screen application for Eighth & Main, a Class-A office/retail building in downtown Boise, ID.


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