Responsive Website and E-commerce Development services for Vita Fede, a high-end jewellery company from Los Angeles, CA.



Vita Fede is a collection of handcrafted jewelry and accessories inspired by art, architecture and culture from the past, present and the future. These elements were combined to create the VF aesthetic: Timeless luxury with a feminine modern twist.

Designer Cynthia Sakai's commitment to make each collection a natural progression from the last results in a highly edited line that builds on the success the brand has enjoyed since launching in 2009.

Born in Los Angeles to Japanese parents, Cynthia describes the Vita Fede look as "a fusion of Asian, American and European culture that represents an elevated aesthetic, a lifestyle and a point of view that are universal." Cynthia has always believed that one great accessory can make an outfit, and her jewelry is designed to be mixed, matched and layered to suit each person's individual style.



High-end brand such as Vita Fede requires all the aspects of their presence to reflect their status. We needed to establish an sophisticated looking website and build upon their visual identity to present the brand inside the guidelines of their values.

Shining a spotlight on products that are already top quality required a special kind of effort. We needed to provide context in which these products would appear on the web, and if the estore was lackluster, the whole experience would’ve been cheapened. That is why we made sure to deliver a professional website, with an easy to use E-commerce system, thus creating an online store ecosystem for the Vita Fede brand. Our work went beyond the web, as we also designed the physical catalogues, business cards, postcards, line sheets, and everything else that was used to reinforce the established Vita Fede style.


E-commerce, Responsive Web Design, Web Development, Catalogue & Print Design


The Outcome

Vita Fede sales skyrocketed as the company became a significant player in the high-end jewelry sphere. It was a great pleasure to assist a company form its style in a way that shows the nature of their products and the message they are trying to convey.

Great effort was invested in adapting to the turbulent nature of the fashion industry, and it yielded just as great results. We went beyond the expected to meet every single deadline in the same impeccable standard we set for ourselves. Their company's sales increased multifold and the client was extremely satisfied with every single thing we delivered. It is a success story that rubs off well on both our sides.



Our main goal was to create simple yet powerful tool to provide room and give spotlight for these amazing products to shine in the webosphere. With minimalistic design to match the brand and our client's vision, we provided VitaFede with a high end E-commerce system that helped in growing their sales from day one.

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