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Why being team Neopix is more than just a job.

At Neopix, we’re trying to create a unique workplace where you can be creative, stay motivated, have plenty of space, and help build products for some of the most innovative digital businesses.

Maja focused

All That Space

Locals at heart, we work from a sunny and spacious office in downtown Niš, Serbia. Cozy and comfortable, it comes with a backyard view and free 24/7 parking. It’s pet-friendly, and has all the nooks and crannies for hiding and focused work. It’s not just a space for work - we often host coding workshops, design talks, game nights, and office parties.

Lets cook

Amazing Teammates

A curious and experienced bunch of professionals from diverse industry backgrounds and specialties. Passionate about their craft, dedicated to our shared goals. You can learn a lot from them, both about work and life. It's the people that make working here special.

Flexible schedule

Flexible Schedule

The quality of the work you deliver matters way more than the hours you put in. So you can enjoy a flexible schedule and spend your free time when you need it most.

Family first

Family First

We understand where you're needed the most. That's why we support our people through their transition into parenthood. Dads-to-be who work here get ten weeks of paid parental leave, and new moms receive fifty-two weeks paid time off. We guarantee their return to the same role, and there's an option for a gradual return to the old work schedule.

Who that

Rewarding Work

For us, it's essential that people feel comfortable in their work environment and are well compensated for their efforts. We are empowering our crew to do outstanding work by choosing projects that deal with complex and important issues and solve real business challenges. In return, we expect excellence. If you're looking for professional challenges equivalent to a light jog around a park, you won't find them here.

Strale working

Latest Tools

When it comes to equipment - hardware, software, seating, and accessories - we're trying to set (and often go above) the local industry standards. Whatever you need is yours, as long as we don't have to sell our soul to afford it.

Plenty of perks

Plenty of Perks

We prioritize salaries, professional development, and overall employee happiness. Here, everyone gets full benefits + private health insurance, no matter their position or seniority. You get 21 days of paid vacation time off + holidays + company retreats once or twice a year with all expenses covered.

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