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One Sales Team to Another

Autoklose is an email automation tool made for busy sales teams who want to spend less time chained to their inbox and focus more on building strong business relationships. Assisted by intelligent automation, it integrates with the leading CRM tools such as Hubspot, Calendly, Pipedrive, and a dozen other.

We joined forces to turn their years worth of experience into a product and help others do the best work they can.

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More business, less email

With the design, we focused on simplicity and functionality. Autoklose lives in your inbox - it can connect with any email service out there - so it was important to translate the familiarity of user interface elements from leading email clients that people are no stranger to. For more straightforward navigation between numbers and data, we went with as minimal as possible in designing charts and graphs. We also made it possible for users to see how their sales copy ranks against others across multiple teams.

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Always be klosing

Closing your deals doesn’t have to be spammy but has to happen fast. To eliminate repetitive tasks, Autoklose uses an advanced algorithm with built-in features such as the smart editor that identifies the troublesome words and warns users that their efforts might be fit for a spam folder. We also made it possible for users to see how their sales copy ranks against others across multiple teams.

The most challenging feature to build was lead segmentation tool that sorts the most interested leads based on the number of emails opened and makes a pool of warmest prospects most likely to make a purchase.

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The tool that launched a thousand emails

Behind the product, there are people with years of experience in marketing and sales who know a thing or two about turning prospects into paying customers. With platforms like Autoklose, we needed to understand that the core of sales is happening in the inbox and not on the homepage. The whole team had to adopt a sales mentality to deliver the product that would be up to par with others on the market.