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Erasing Borders of Medical Care

Booknowmed is an ambitious startup at the forefront of a groundbreaking new industry. In a time where medical tourism has taken momentum, they had an idea to develop a booking engine for the next generation of medical travelers.

Run by professionals with years of expertise in renal healthcare, the team behind booknowmed was on a mission to cut the process of booking dialysis treatments anywhere in the world from several weeks to just a few minutes. Our mission was to help them make a new brand that stands out from the competition and build a sophisticated platform that would sustain hundreds of bookings daily.

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Seamless search preferences

Before online booking engines and when they wished to travel, dialysis users had to do research on their own and make at least several phone calls to clinics. If you take into account language barriers and coordinating traveling dates with the preferred clinic's availability, it made for a very stressful experience.

Since booking a personal medical treatment like dialysis starts and ends in the comfort of your own home, we made sure all the information is neatly organized and visible, in addition to the design that communicates clarity, safety, and complete transparency. It was especially important to achieve the simplicity the user experiences when searching for any treatment or procedure on the platform.

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Clinics and hospitals from around the world, in one place

The platform currently houses over 500 dialysis centers located in 60 countries worldwide. Allowing users easy onboarding and even more convenient access to an array of clinics and their ratings, are at the root of the interface's design.

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Where have you not traveled to?

Booknowmed's ultimate goal is to establish itself as a brand name when it comes to booking medical treatments abroad. They strive to offer attractive traveling destinations that match their demographic's interests and eventually answer the question every traveler dreams of being asked.

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booknowmed is a search engine platform, so SEO played a crucial role in the overall product design. Even though we decided to develop a single page application for improved user experience, with the help of server-side rendering and additional API endpoint optimizations, we managed to achieve excellent ranking for all the relevant keywords.

Jovan, Backend Lead