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You're Fully Covered

The team behind Bunch hopes you never have to file an insurance claim. But if you do, here’s what they had in mind and made us work on.

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Buckle up!

Based on a simple premise that people who drive carefully shouldn't pay premium for insurance, Bunch gives its users the opportunity for getting back what they paid for.

We chose to drive inspiration from their name: Bunch signifies a cluster a group of people who joined forces to have a higher chance of a better outcome in case of an accident. If there’s money left from an insurance claim, it goes back to everyone from the bunch who participated.

Bunch components

Design for safe driving

Much like the word Bunch, the UX design gives the users a feeling of belonging to a group. The startup works to disentangle the process of filing an insurance claim through an easier and faster UX approach. When you and your bunch buy a policy, the app walks you through every step of the process with smart onboarding.

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Yield politely

When it comes to choosing people you want to share your car insurance with, it turns out you should play favorites. Bunch works on a members-only principle - find your people you 100% know are good drivers, invite them to use the app, and share insurance profits.

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