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It's All in the Cloud

Meet Frame.

Frame runs any software on powerful servers in the cloud, enabling you to work from your browser on any device, any time. Their team reached out to us for a complete website and product experience redesign.

The goal was to present the complex world of cloud computing in a more accessible and straightforward way. Their product is making sure professionals from various creative industries can transfer their work to the browser and work from anywhere. Since everything happens in the cloud, it empowers teams and enterprises to save on hardware, equipment setup, and maintenance.

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Build anything from your browser

The experience needed to be straightforward since the goal was not to overwhelm the users with the features they don't need. The greatest challenge was to retain a certain design consistency such as color palette and typography in both the presentational website and product interface while keeping in mind that each one caters to a different type of user. It was essential to set the strategy for the redesign that matched their business goals.

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Illustrating a new society

The inspiration behind the illustrations was a future society where everything - especially work - happens in the cloud. The isometric approach seemed like a perfect aesthetic fit. Since the name Frame comes from "mainframe," the central processing unit of a computer, the illustrations draw a parallel with building blocks for housing units.

Frame meets Nutanix

In late 2018, Frame became part of Nutanix, a global leader in enterprise cloud computing. Since the acquisition occurred before we had a chance to implement any design changes, they remain a concept. We're proud of the work we’ve done and the partnership we managed to build.

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