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Rethinking Eating Disorders From the InsideOut

The IO team is on a mission to change the conversation about eating disorders with information, empowerment, and bold colors.

Behind the product is a group of medical professionals and researchers working diligently to improve the lives of people affected, and their caregivers. Founded on the idea that there's a better way to talk about and tackle eating disorders, they set out to transform the Australian healthcare system from the "InsideOut."

We helped them translate their work onto a new, user-focused website and research platform.

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Understanding the challenge

The core of InsideOut are its different users: patients, caregivers, medical professionals, and researchers. So our goal was to design and develop a pleasant visual environment where users felt safe to share and have easy access to information, resources, and support.

The goal with the layout was to break the mold of a typical healthcare website and create a friendly and pleasant experience while maintaining trustworthiness. We wanted to evoke a sense of calm and give off a happy vibe with a combination of a clean look and colors that speak warmth and vibrancy.

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Conversation starter

Talking about complicated issues can be a difficult process. From personal stories and practical advice to the latest research papers in the field - the platform houses all the necessary resources for treatment and management.

To make it more inviting and less intimidating, we divided the knowledge section into five categories. Each text or resource in the knowledge section is color-coded - one color for one particular group of readers.

With onboarding flows, the most important one is the questionnaire for self-assessment. It offers insight into the condition of the person with relevant questions and serves as a gateway to the patient portal - an online diary where users can personalize their recovery and stay connected with their doctor during the process.

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We are witnessing the era of personalized healthcare and how the healing process extends to the online environment. Thanks to platforms like InsideOut, it's becoming easier to get assessed, monitor the condition, and allow professionals and researchers to make faster progress. We're proud to have been a part of such a project.

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