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Sumo Salad

The Healthier Option, Customized

Sumo Salad is a chain of bistros in Australia that serve a range of made-to-order salads and healthy snacks. A living proof of how the food you grab on the go doesn't have to be unhealthy, they offer an array of options to those wrestling with how to fit leafy greens into their busy schedules.

We were approached by their team for a complete mobile app redesign.

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Eat your vegetables

The most important feature for Sumo Salad’s audience is the information about the ingredients and the overall calorie value of a meal. The menu navigation was adapted so users can quickly swipe through the meal characteristics before deciding to place an order or mark it as favorite. The UX introduces a more advanced pickup schedule method where you can choose customized time slots as well as pickup locations.

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Your bowl of greatness

The team behind the brand understands that everyone’s taste buds are different. They had an idea to give their customers the option to mix ingredients and give a personal spin to their meal. You can even give it a name—like ‘Post Workout’ or ‘Captain Awesome’s Mix’—and choose designated time slots for when you want it to be ready for pickup. Your customized meals are saved in the app, ready to be remade and re-eaten again and again.

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Healthy choices lead to a rewarding lifestyle, but who’s to say your users don’t deserve all the rewards and incentives they can get? With their product team, we created an encouragement system that not only gives you points for purchases, but you also get rewarded for walking to your pickup destination. The more miles you clock up, the more points and discounts you get. Basically, you pay for your meals by making good choices.

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