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Making an HR Portal for a Non-Profit

Sutter Health is an integrated network of health centers, organizations, hospitals, and research facilities. Caring for a multitude of Northern Californian communities for over a century and a half, they help their patients get affordable healthcare and lead healthier lives. They were looking for a hiring tool to seamlessly onboard new doctors and health professionals to their team and an internal HR communication solution.

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All-in-one communication solution

The goal of the redesign was to make internal communication easier and streamline the onboarding process. The new portal is a human resource central hub for all relevant employee information, but it’s also an information board that provides an insight into internal libraries and company documents.

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Emerging trends in the healthcare industry

Creating a human resource portal such as this one is making sure the best people at one of the most responsible professions out there have effective communication and interaction. We’ve seen a rising trend over the years how traditional healthcare transfers entirely online, and we were able to help Sutter do the same.

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